Armor are protective components which, with one exception, must be destroyed before any other component on a ship can take damage. The sequence of events goes like this:

  1. The incoming shot is reduced by the armor's reactive rating.
    • Phasers have an advantage here, and the reactive rating is halved against them.
    • If the shot's damage is less than the reactive rating, it still has a chance to penetrate anyways - maximum of 20%.
  2. The reduced shot then rolls against the armor's base rating. The probability of destroying the armor component is "Shot Damage"/"Armor Rating", minimum 10%, maximum 100%.
    • Rail guns and missiles have a disadvantage here, and their damage is halved when calculating the probability.
  3. The shot is then further reduced by the armor's base rating.
  4. If the shot still has damage remaining, it attacks the next armor component (start from step 2) or other random component (step 2, except instead of "Armor Rating" use "Size").

The following armor components are available ingame:

Name Space Resources Performance
Standard Armor 1 5 Steel Armor 10, Reactive 2
Enhanced Armor 1 1 Carbon Fibre, 4 Steel Armor 18, Reactive 4
Reactive Armor 1 1 Carbon Fibre, 3 Aculon, 2 Chromium Armor 25, Reactive 7
UltraDense Armor 1 1 Carbon Fibre, 4 Aculon, 3 Chromium Armor 40, Reactive 10

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