This is a list of all the military ship types.

Military ShipsEdit

Military Ships are state ships with weapons. Their job is to patrol, defend and attack.

General Military ShipsEdit

These roles do not have any component requirements beyond the generic ship requirements, plus weapons. Destroyers and up are suggested to have Troop Module components, but are not required to have them. It is therefore entirely possible to have an "escort" that is larger and more powerful than the "capital ship" it is theoretically escorting. The reason for the separate-but-identical roles is to simplify customization in the automated construction planning - rather than having to analyze each design to guess how many to build (and probably guess wrongly), the percentages are set based on the designated role.


Your basic puny-but-fast combatant.


A bit bigger than the Escort, meant for more solo operations.


Still bigger, but tends to trade operational range and endurance for more firepower.


A generalist capable of trading blows with most opponents.

Capital ShipEdit

For when you really need to punch out a given target.

Specialist Military ShipsEdit

Troop TransportEdit

The Troop Transport is specifically intended to move ground troops from one planet to another, and as such requires either Standard Troop Compartments or Massive Troop Compartments. It does not actually require weaponry, but most designs include a minimal weapons outfit as well as Assault Pods.


The Carrier is specifically designed to carry large numbers of Fighters to the battlezone. It can be built 50% larger than a normal vessel, but must dedicate 40% of its hull space to Standard Fighter Bays. Additionally, you must research Tactical Interceptors before you can build a Carrier. Note that you could choose to build e.g. a "Cruiser" which carried only one official weapon plus a multitude of fighter bays - it just wouldn't be a "Carrier" and it would be limited to a normal vessel's size.

Resupply ShipEdit

The Resupply Ship is a rather unique vessel with a number of requirements. Firstly, you have to research Accelerated Construction. Then, it needs a Docking Bay, a Gas Extractor, and Cargo Bays, which combined occupy at least 20% of the ship. In return for this, you get a ship that can be built 50% larger than normal, which can move itself to a useful location and deploy into a support base.

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