On game creation the scale of the galaxy can be scaled to the maximum of 1000 stars, and each of these stars will have an orbiting solar system that can be seen from the main game screen. Multiple other stellar objects will be seen as well including:

  • Asteroids
  • Nebula fields

To make it easier to reference your location the minimap will also scale with the zoom levels.

Exploration and travelEdit

Solar systems will not have any details displayed untill it has been scanned by an empire's ship, this can be done with any ship (though there is an exploration ship suited for this purpose) Video obervation makes it seem that planets have to be scanned individually of stars before their information is displayed.

Distant Worlds - Exploration04:12

Distant Worlds - Exploration

Official Exploration Video

Travel is done via warp drives, while focused on a ship it gives a streamlined effect until it's arrival, however when focused on something else the ship disappears in a flash, A course can be set anywhere including deep space, It has been mentioned that the AI can deal with fleets and bases hiding in deep space

Range is controlled by fuel, and ships will need to return to a base or dedicated refuelling ship occasionally, if a ship runs out of fuel it will continue to move, but slowly.

It is assumed that research and components will be available to increase fuel range/efficiency


Multiple objects can be found in space including:

  • Independant planets/colonies

These planets already have life and are good places to colonise (if you are in good standing) they will also freely trade resources with anyone.

  • Ruins

Some planets contain ruins of species long past, the player can choose to investigate these ruins possibly earning them a bonus (if they are the first to find the ruins). These ruins also provide a development Bonus.

  • Abandoned Equipment

Sometimes Abandoned Ships and Bases can be found, they can include advanced knowledge and technology and the player can take control of it to use any way they see fit.

  • Pirates

Pirates litter space and will attack border colonies making the player have to use time to defend them, the players can enter negociations to pay a protection fee or pay for the pirates to assualt another empire for them.

  • Space monsters

Various creatures can be found in space that will attack ships, they can be found in a miriad of places and will require the player to deal with them if needed.

  • Major Events

Some discoveries have been mentioned as "game changing" and will give hints and knowledge into the Distant worlds history as well as effecting the game in large ways.

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